Tricky Turvy Plumes

Tricky Turvy Plumes

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You display two plumes and two tubes. You ask a spectator to take one tube and a plume and you hold the other plume and the tube. Now you say, “Do as I do!”

You push the plume inside your tube from the top end, the volunteer does the same. Now you turn your tube upside down, the volunteer does the same.

Now you allow your plume to slide out from the bottom end of the tube yet instead of upside down your plume comes out the right way around but the hapless volunteer's comes out upside down.

The action is repeated, the tube is exchanged for your next turn but the result is same!

Tricky Turvy Plumes is a colourful revisitation of a classic of comedy magic. An effect that amazes, amuses and takes up little space!

Comes complete with two tubes (approx 41.5cm, 16.33" long), red & yellow feather plumes & instructions.

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