Two Jokers and an Ace - GIANT size - Mr E

Two Jokers and an Ace - GIANT size - Mr E

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Here is a super card effect that’s big enough for the largest stage, using giant approx A4 size cards which will be a feature item in your shows!

You display two large Jokers, and if you wish these can be passed out for examination. Next you show an envelope with a window cut out at the front through which can be seen the back of a third card, this card can be openly removed from the envelope and proves to be the Ace of Spades which is unfaked, you demonstrate that if a card is slipped inside the envelope it can be seen through the window. The envelope is positioned in full view of your audience, and the two Jokers and the the Ace of Spades are shown in your hands.

One of the Jokers and the Ace are now turned back outwards, and the three cards are mixed together; now follows a fun game in which the audience try to guess with a show of hands which card is the Ace amongst the three cards, but the joke is on them for each time they pick Jokers, eventually only one card remains and that also turns out to be a Joker – the Ace of Spades has vanished.

Eventually, you show the envelope now has a single card showing through the window, and to everyone’s surprise and amazement this turns out to be the missing Ace of Spades!

Easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or special skills. It’s a big illusion-style effect that lies flat in the bottom of your case ready for you to perform, great fun and suitable for any type of audience.

Comes with GIANT size playing cards, envelope & instructions.

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