Cockeyed Prediction

Cockeyed Prediction

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Tricks that seem to go wrong at the outset and turn out to be successful after all, are always popular and you certainly cannot go wrong when you perform Cockeyed Prediction. Carry it in your pocket and it is always ready to fool them!

Placing your prediction in full view of everyone you claim that your predictions always come true, so saying you introduce ten assorted playing cards faces upwards so that your volunteer audience member can choose any one of them.

Let’s say by a process of elimination he chooses the Eight of Hearts, when your prediction card is shown it is the Ace of Clubs. Surely your prediction has failed leaving you nowhere to go?!

Rather awkwardly, as if to save your bacon, you state that your prediction concerns the BACK of the card not the face, and the two cards are turned over to show that they both have red backs and you claim they are an absolute match.

Still nobody is impressed until the other nine rejected cards are turned backs uppermost and it is seen that they are all BLUE-backed cards – positive proof indeed of your wonderful cognitive powers!

All the cards can be left for examination leaving no clue to the working. Ideal for table-hopping as the two cards are always different at the next table and so is the method of working; anyone seeing it for a second time will not have a leg to stand on. Easy to do.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards, prediction envelope & instructions.

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