The Sad Clown

The Sad Clown

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If you are looking for a routine that brings audience participation, laughter & applause suitable for audiences aged between 5 years & 95 years then look no further you’ve found it.

I have carried this in my show bag for 35 years knowing that it would be a hit with any type of audience & on many occasions it’s been a life-saving icebreaker that has never let me down.

You show a colourful picture of a sad-looking clown’s face, explaining that he is unhappy, and he needs someone to tell him a joke to cheer him up – so you request members of the audience to come to his aid. You will always attract a volunteer who tells a gag and when you show the clown again, he has a broad smile on his face – but the audience are not convinced because you passed the picture behind your back as the joke was being told.

You insist however that the gag made the difference and despite the usual ‘turn it around’ business you show that the clown has gone sad again because of the audiences’ unfounded accusations!

Another joke is told to cheer him up with the same results of his face looking happy & the audience asking you to show the back of the picture causing yet again a sad-looking clown. This business can be repeated as often as you wish but personally I only do it three times.

After the third gag, and because of your spectators’ protests, you DO show the back of the picture but the audience are in for a surprise as the picture on the rear is totally unexpected – we won’t reveal the climax here sufficient to say that everyone falls for it and it’s a terrific finish to an easy to do fun item that you will enjoy performing.

Comes complete with A5 sized laminated picture & instructions.

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