Mental Epic Envelopes

Mental Epic Envelopes

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Now you can perform the famous Mental Epic trick without a heavy slate or suspicious looking props, using just three envelopes, a few sheets of paper & a marker pen.

Pointing to a spectator in the audience you ask them to think of a favourite pet they may have loved when they were a child. They think of the kind of animal it was i.e. dog, cat, rabbit, hamster etc and the name they gave to it.

Taking a simple sheet of paper and a marker pen, you quickly write something down, fold the paper and seal it in an A5 sized envelope and with your pen write a large number 1 on the envelope which is left in full view.

Indicating a second spectator they are requested to simply think of any town or city anywhere in the world, again you write down your impression and seal it in a second envelope which you mark with a large number 2 leaving it with the first envelope in sight of the audience.

Pointing to a third spectator you offer a change of pace, in which you make a card prediction for them which is sealed in a third envelope and marked with a large number 3 which is also positioned in full view.

When all three envelopes are opened no. 1 is seen to correctly describe their childhood pet including its name, no. 2 is seen to correctly name the town or city they were merely thinking of, and the playing card is correctly predicted when they name it out loud!

With this clever system you will be able to reveal almost anything spectators can think about in the most mystifying manner, without bulky apparatus, stooges or what have you, using everyday stationary.

Comes with illustrated instructions & sample of the necessary envelopes.

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