The Lady Vanishes - Mr E

The Lady Vanishes - Mr E

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You are going to love this super simple way of vanishing a Lady! You display a number of A5 jumbo sized cards, four of which are Jokers and one Queen of Hearts.

They are mixed together and fanned out to show just four Jokers; the full face of each Joker is seen, but it is clear that the lady has vanished completely!

Where can she be? that depends on how and where you wish her to appear, perhaps from your inner breast pocket or some prop that you already own, or some other unlikely location where you are performing.

The choice of the appearance is yours, what we offer here is a canny vanish of the lady from between the Jokers and a duplicate card to let her be magically discovered elsewhere.

The cards are laminated for long life and can be wiped clean giving you many years of practical wear and performing pleasure.

Patter Outline: “People often think that card tricks are performed by sleight of hand and not as I claim by magic; which is why I want to show you these large cards that are impossible to conceal or manipulate because of their size. The first is the Queen of Hearts, I call her the Lady and she is the one to watch, she is followed by four Jokers. I’ll show them to you one at a time, here is the first one, this is the second Joker, this is the third Joker, then we have number four Joker.

“Did you see what happened to the Queen – no? well the Joker is on you because the Lady vanished! While you were all watching those Jokers, I slipped her into my inside pocket [or wherever you have hidden her] and it was all done by magic!”

Comes complete with A5 jumbo sized laminated cards & instructions.

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