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Loosely based on Nick Trost’s Copy Cats, using an ESP theme with an unbelievable laughter finish.

You place a small packet of cards in full view explaining these are your prediction cards, and then ten “ESP cards” are dealt face down into two piles of five cards, you and a spectator each select one pile, you both stand facing the audience while you shuffle your cards and then hide them behind your backs.

You now secretly select a card and exchange it with the participant and then you each insert your new card face-up into your face-down packet.

When the two packs of cards are brought to the front and spread face down, both upturned ESP cards exactly match each other both being stars, an amazing coincidence!

Or were all the ESP cards stars? When your prediction cards are turned faces upwards your audience are in for a stunning applause-pulling surprise as in bold letters, they spell STAR.

But there is still more to come; you explain that the word STAR is an anagram of the word RATS; (as in the showbusiness charitable society Grand Order of Water Rats, Frank Sinatra also called his close clique of friends the Rat Pack), and all the other eight face down “ESP cards” on the table are turned face upwards to show each has a picture of a cartoon rat!

No rough & smooth or sleight of hand is required.

Comes with fourteen laminated jumbo cards (approx 14.25 x 10cms), instructions & two terrific presentations.

Please note that Enigma is our exclusive and will only be made in the limited number of 50 worldwide

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