Al Koran's ESP Signs & Pictures

Al Koran's ESP Signs & Pictures

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Al Koran performed this effect on British TV repeating it about twice (if my memory serves me correctly), later it was marketed by Harry Stanley of Unique Magic, I purchase it and used it countless times until the cards supplied were at the end of their life.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember what it was called originally, so I have renamed it and remade it with laminated picture cards that will last a lifetime of performances.

You show several double-sided cards consisting of ESP symbols and pictures that you explain are used to test Extra Sensory Perception and invite a spectator to assist you in an experiment.

The cards are mixed, and you turn your back while the participant cuts the cards and concentrates either on an ESP sign or picture of their choice. No force is used. Slowly, with due showmanship, you concentrate and reveal the exact picture or symbol that they are concentrating upon! This stunning effect can immediately be repeated if you wish you can have the ESP sign or picture drawn on an artist’s pad or large piece of card.

Easy to do you will learn it in next to no time; so if this is your type of mentalism, then please let us have your order straight away before they are all sold out!

Comes with the specially made laminated picture cards (approx 5.75 x 4", 14.5 x 10cms) & instructions. Limited to fifty sets worldwide.

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