Dead Man's Hand - DOWNLOAD version

Dead Man's Hand - DOWNLOAD version

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As you tell the story of “Wild Bill” Hickok and his untimely death on 2nd August 1896, shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall, you mention the five playing cards he was holding at the moment of his demise, and show them from your deck face upwards. These cards you explain have since been known as ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and that somewhere in another world “Wild Bill” is undoubtably interested in them, which may explain the experiment you are about to show.

Your spectator is asked to pick up the cards and mix them faces down. He then selects any card at random, looks at it and lays it on the deck which is then cut to lose it. The remaining four cards are dropped on the pack and mixed in.

Recalling the nickname of the cards, you deal four, spelling D E A D. On top of these you spell M A N S with four more – then, a further four spelling H A N D. Now you recall Hickok from his grave by spelling B I L L. Thus, you have five piles each containing four cards.

At this time, you state that Hickok’s interest in the cards invariably results in the location of the one removed and looked at by the spectator, after all, when Hickok was shot, he was contemplating on what card he would discard for the draw. The spectator names the card he selected from the five and the correct card is now magically revealed!

Now you deal four hands of cards and the one of the participants whose back is to the door, is surprised to find he has the Dead Man's Hand.

As the audience listens to your story you remind them that Hickok was shot in the back of the head whilst his back was towards the door, suddenly there is a sharp crack as a pistol shot suddenly breaks the silence causing everyone to jump out of their skin & if you don’t believe this then you haven’t had the pleasure of performing this masterpiece of almost forgotten card magic!

No live ammunition is used. The secret is an ingenious non-sleight method that practically works itself.

We also explain how ypu can make a stained old deck of cards from a regular deck that is useful in many tricks using patter about the past, ghosts etc.

Comes with DOWNLOADED instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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