Famous Faces Telepathy

Famous Faces Telepathy

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Romark was born on July 31, 1926 in England as Ronald Markham. He was an actor, mindreader & hypnotist. He died in December 1982 in Torbay, Devon, England. I first met him in the 1970s when a group of us formed The Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.

Romark made a beeline for me explaining that he was also a “Mindreader” and had seen my performance previously, I gathered that he had a long running show in Africa.

In 1974 under the stage name of Romark he also made a series of programmes on BBC television in which he claimed he could read ten different minds all at the same time, using the names of famous footballers and based on Al Koran’s version of the Princess Card Trick which Romark and I had discussed at length on this one occasion that we met.

Koran’s version required two switched packs of playing cards and didn’t allow for the deck to be shuffled by an audience member. In this splendid trick I reveal here there is NO switch of the picture cards.

Showing several pictures of famous faces these are thoroughly shuffled then you distribute bunches of pictures to a number of spectators asking each person to simply THINK of and remember any celebrity they wish from the ones they hold.

Each participant now thoroughly shuffles his set of picture cards and these are collected into one pile.

You now start to call out the names of the various well-known people then every few minutes you pause, saying that you have the impression that one or more of the spectators has heard the name of their thought-of person.

Participants raise their hand and without any questions or hesitation you hold up and name the very picture card that they merely thought of!

All the freely thought-of cards are correctly revealed in this manner.

There is no ifs or buts about it, no switch of the pictures and no gimmicks. Only the examined and shuffled picture cards are used, no extra cards. No memory work is needed, sleight of hand or similar. Guaranteed to impress even the most hardest of audiences and puzzle any other magicians present. Easy to do.

Comes complete with picture cards & instructions.

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