Poker Chips Prediction

Poker Chips Prediction

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This is a really clever effect using colourful poker chips that you will be able to feature in your close-up and table-hopping shows.

You show three prediction envelopes giving two of them out to various audience members, one each, and keeping one back for yourself, and explain that each envelope contains a single poker chip; one Red, one White & one Blue (colours may vary in the set you receive).

You also hand out three loose poker chips, in this example you each have a Red, White and Blue poker chip.

You explain that each of you will eliminate two of your poker chips so that you have just one left. With the procedure understood, one of the participants in turn discards two of their poker chips, leaving one colour still held in their hands.

All three prediction envelopes are now opened in turn and inside is found a poker chip matching the colour of the remaining chip held by each participant!

It’s a real puzzler with nothing faked, the effect is immediately repeated even though part way through one of the participants may exchange their chips with one of the others.

Comes complete with twelve coloured poker chips, three envelopes & instructions.

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