A Gift By Magic

A Gift By Magic

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Based on our item Book of Presents, this will prove a winner for both children and adults and is even more magical to boot.

You show a dove pan, Indian sweet vase, change bag or any production prop that you already own, to be empty and leave it closed but in full view.

The birthday child or any boy or girl that has been assisting you is now allowed to choose a reward by magic from your illustrated prize cards that you display and mix together.

The cards reveal their presents one by one. There is loads of comedy here as most of the gifts are not very desirable at all – which child for instance would want ‘A Black Eye’ or ‘Nasty Medicine’ as a present?!

Each prize is rejected by the child until there is only one picture card left which has a colourful picture of a gift box and the title ‘A Magic Surprise’. What could possibly be in it?

This is especially useful where the child's parents want you to magically produce a surprise gift that they supply at your suggestion

Magic words are then said and the box, pan or what have you is opened to reveal it really does contain a lovely magic surprise which the child can take away as a memento of you and your fabulous show!

Comes with laminated A6 (small jumbo sized) prize picture cards & instructions. Use your own production prop & gift.

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