Three Ugly Ducklings - MINI Jumbo size

Three Ugly Ducklings - MINI Jumbo size

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If you entertain small children, then this is for you!

To a moving patter story, you show the children three pictures of three happy-looking ducklings enjoying their first paddle in the local pond. Unfortunately, some children that were passing at the time called out, “Look at those three UGLY yellow ducklings!” as they ran away laughing!

Mortified at being called ugly at such a young age, the three ducklings became upset and just wanted to hide themselves away. You again display the three pictures showing the three ducklings looking obviously discomforted.

One of the ducklings told his mummy that they were all sad because people thought they were ugly. But his mum told them not to be sad, but to be happy again because shortly they would grow up to be the prettiest and most handsome bevy of wildfowl on the water – and sure enough (helped by the children saying the magic word “Quackacadabra” of course) they magically became a flock of three of the most beautiful white swans that had ever been seen and people came from miles around to admire them in all their glory and to call out what gorgeous creatures they were.

As your climax you show the three pictures have now magically changed into three beautiful white swans!

Packs flat in the bottom of your case, ready in a moment and even the smallest children present will follow and enjoy the plot. Perfect for both close-up and smaller parlour shows.

Comes with laminated picture cards MINI jumbo (approx 4.75 x 3.75”, 12 x 9.5cms) & instructions.

Only £9.99

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