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This show-stopping presentation from Eddie’s own act is released here for the very first time. Several different routines are possible.

Once you understand this very simple system with these special Psi-Colour Cards you will be able to perform many miracles of the mind of your own devising. The cards consist of five solid colour symbols – each symbol is repeated five times and each of the five symbols are reproduced in a different colour, making a display of twenty-five DIFFERENT jumbo size (approx 15.5 x 10 cm) symbol cards with blank backs to prove they are not marked – large enough for cabaret, club or stage but compact enough to carry in your pocket for close-up work.

Eddie’s favourite routine: Cards are freely shown shuffled and then cut several times by a member of the audience. Three participating spectators each cut a small packet of cards and place the cut packet with the face to their chest. While your back is turned each peeks at the card they cut to, meanwhile you are drawing something on a pad, which is left in full view.

Facing front the first participant is asked to concentrate on only her colour. Taking another pad you write something down – the lady names her colour and you show that you have correctly written this very same colour on the pad. The second spectator thinks only of his design – which you also correctly reproduce on your pad. The third spectator shuffles his packet of cards and then spreads them out towards himself. You start to correctly call out each design that he is concentrating on and the actual colours he holds – until he has only one design left – this he shows to the audience. Anyone picks up your prediction and you have successfully predicted the last design both in colour and shape exactly!

Psi-Colour-Pack is a bewildering routine that fools everyone including knowledgeable magicians. Supplied with the complete set of 25 laminated cards, use your own pads & pens. Easy to do.

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