A Tale of Two Decks

A Tale of Two Decks

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Simon Shenton was a local magician who gave me a few lessons when I was a boy of about ten years of age. On one of these occasions he told me of a trick performed with two packs of playing cards, that he claimed was seen at one of Charles Dickens’ reading tours when Shenton’s grandfather was present in the audience.

Whether this was true or not I do not know (however the fascinating story of Chung Ling Soo’s death and other snippets he told me, turned out to be correct). True or false, later on it didn’t stop me from performing the effect as being the one presented by Charles Dickens & it created a lot of interest locally.

You show two decks one of which is given for safekeeping to a spectator, another onlooker chooses two different playing cards from the second regular shuffled pack and then has a perfectly free choice of either card (no force).

When the first deck is spread across the table it is seen that one single card has an X on it and amazingly this proves to be an exact duplicate of the chosen card!

Comes with our 7-page booklet, easy method to accomplish this exact effect (we don’t know if this is what Dickens did) together with patter routine linking this intriguing trick to Dickens. Use your own decks of playing cards.

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