George Blake's Rope & Ring Routine

George Blake's Rope & Ring Routine

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Magic can be the very best or the very worst of the performing arts, at best it is both entertaining & baffling. At it is worst it's just a series of puzzles presented by a magician with little or no personality & showmanship.

In presenting children's magic the performer's apparatus is well accepted but when entertaining adults, in a walkabout close-up situation, the performer must think and plan differently.

That's why the late George Blake's material is so important. He was above all an entertainer, simple props, entertaining routines & baffling mysteries was his stock in trade.

Eddie Burke was proud & pleased to purchase the rights to all George Blake's mysteries from Mrs Blake, following Blake's death.

You show a length of rope and a plastic ring both of which can be examined. A spectator threads the ring on the rope and you tie both ends of the rope together, tracking the ring inside a loop of rope. The tied ends are in full view at all times.

Magically the ring penetrates off the rope and can be handed out for examination. Immediately you throw the ring back on the rope.

The rope is then cut into two separate pieces, a magic word and a flick of the rope and it is instantly restored to one long length.

In the amazing routine that follows the two ends of the rope becomes the middle, while the middle becomes the two ends!

Rope & ring can be passed out for examination once again - a truly great piece of magic, that you should be able to learn in under two hours as there are no difficult moves or sleights.

Comes with Rope, Ring & instructions.

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