Lockdown Mystery

Lockdown Mystery

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You have your prediction card inside a small envelope, and this can be held safely by a spectator in full view, there is no exchange of the prediction card.

A deck of playing cards is introduced, shuffled and then any spectator deals the pack into a single pile of face-up cards one at a time and at any point he wishes he deals a single card face down with more face-up cards dealt on top of it until the deck is exhausted and the card thoroughly locked in.

Eventually the face of the ‘lockdown’ card is revealed, let’s say it is the Two of Spades.

Anyone opens your prediction to find a single playing card inside - the Two of Spades!

Prediction card can be different at repeat performances and in any form you choose; written down, verbal, on a tape and so forth.

No stooges, no miscalls, no switch of the prediction, no verbal forces, no fake envelope and our enigmatic effect is practically self-working.

Comes with the special somethings that make it all possible & instructions. Use your own envelope & pack of playing cards.

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