Octal Revelation Card Trick

Octal Revelation Card Trick

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You show a folder, stating it is a prediction to be revealed later and you position it in front of your audience.

You then ask a spectator to pick a card from your pack of playing cards and she is asked not to show her card to you.

You now say you are going to reveal the lady's card. You take the folder, open it and show the SUIT of her card. The lady confirms that you are right. You go further to show that the suit that you just showed has turned into the NUMBER of her chosen card. The lady confirms you are correct again.

With a winning smile, you now surprise everyone when you say you are going to show which playing card the lady has freely chosen. You pull out the number card from your folder to show that magically the number has changed into a jumbo sized version of the lady's chosen card!

Comes with envelope, folder (approx 6.75 x 4.5", 17 x 11.5cms) & illustrated instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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