Belcher's Best of all Predictions - Jumbo

Belcher's Best of all Predictions - Jumbo

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The methods used in this prediction were first published by Len Belcher in Abracadabra magazine many years ago, countless versions have been released by various dealers without permission or acknowledgement over the years. Eddie is the only dealer to have permission to market this - from Belcher himself.

In this stunning NEW version you show four picture cards each with one of the four suits used in playing cards, these being a giant Heart, a giant Spade, a giant Club and a giant Diamond, your spectator has an absolutely free choice of anyone of these suits; positively no force, counting, sleight of hand or stooges are used.

Despite the fairness of the procedure the spectator has chosen the very suit that you have magically predicted! Your prediction has even been in full view since the start of the effect.

Startling, easy to do and cannot fail. Can’t be backtracked. A reputation-maker if ever there was one. We offer this stunning effect in two sizes; Jumbo for stage & cabaret, and small jumbo size for close-up & parlour performances.

Comes with four laminated cards, envelope, folder & instructions.

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