Nickname Prediction Deck

Nickname Prediction Deck

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Most people at some point in their lives have an affectionate nickname that their friends use when referring to them.

You show your prediction envelope that is left in full view of your audience & from that moment onwards you don’t touch it or interfere with it in any way.

You ask any spectator to simply think of any playing card in a pack of fifty-two, claiming that you have attempted to predict his card. The participant names his card and please note they really do have a free choice.

Your prediction envelope is opened by a spectator, your prediction paper removed and read out loud, “I predict that the name of the card you choose will be Jugs!”

You now claim that just like people, every single card has a nickname and the chosen one happens to have the sobriquet Jugs (note you can give the chosen card any moniker that you prefer). Of course, your audience think it is just a gag - and not a very good one, until you show the backs of the rest of the cards in the pack pointing out that they ALL have nicknames printed boldly on their backs, names like Chalky, Brains, Red Ed, Melons etc.

The back of the freely chosen card is now shown to have Jugs and boy are they impressed! Resulting in a standing ovation at the end of your card magic time & time again.

We are not going to tell you more except to say that Eddie has performed this splendid routine exclusively since 1975 always with fantastic laughter & applause. Perfect for close-up, walkabout, stand-up & TV shows.

An investment piece that is worth 100 times more than the small charge we are making for Eddie’s clever original routine. Sleight of hand free and easy to do.

Comes with quality playing cards, a special something & instructions.

Only £16.99

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