Bikini Girls Mystery - Pocket size

Bikini Girls Mystery - Pocket size

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Add a bit of glamour to your shows! You introduce six picture cards of sexy young women on a beach, each wearing a different colourful bikini. You invite a gentleman forwards to pick any one of the young ladies who he would love to meet and go on a luxurious beach holiday with, no force.

The one young lady so freely selected is removed by your participant who holds the card picture-side uppermost in his own hands.

You then show that all the other bikini girl cards have blue backs.

The gentleman now turns his picture face down to find that the bikini model he so freely chose magically has a RED back.

Your participant, using his natural male instincts, has picked out the only red-backed bikini girl in your set of six!

Perfect for pocket or stand-up, always ready to perform, no special skill required, free choice of any of the beautiful models. Easy to do.

Comes with six laminated picture cards, pocket size (approx 3.5 x 2.5”, 9 x 6.5cms) & instructions.

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