E.S.P- Brainwave Table hopping size cards

E.S.P- Brainwave Table hopping size cards

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We have had many requests to supply this item in Small Jumbo, sSize o here it is at last, small enugh to carry i your pocket ready to perform.

The Brainwave effect with a small packet of cards has become a magical classic. I wanted a similar presentation but one that was large enough for stage and cabaret use but could still be used when table-hopping and also with an ESP theme. After much thought the answer was ESP Jumbo Brainwave.

You show a packet of four cards with their blue backs towards the audience and ask someone to imagine these are the four Queens, of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. You mime taking out two invisible cards from the packet and ask a lady to guess if you have removed the red queens or the black queens. Let’s say that she says “Red!” Absolutely correct you say. But now you mime turning one of the red queens over and replacing it into the packet. Now you ask the spectator to guess if you turned over the Queen of Hearts or the Queen of Diamonds. The spectator says for example the Queen of Hearts. “Correct again” you reply as you spread out the four jumbo cards and everyone can clearly see that one card is face up – and it’s the card the spectator just named in our example the Queen of Hearts.

You continue, “I was so sure you would choose the Queen of Hearts that I took it from another pack with a different coloured back!” So saying you turn the chosen queen over to show that it really does have a contrasting red back to the other three blue backed cards. Still you continue, “In fact I was so certain that you would choose this one Queen that I didn’t bother to bring the other three with me – instead I used my ESP” So saying you turn the last three cards with their faces to the audience to show each one has a single bold black letter on it forming E S P for your stunning climax!

ESP small-Jumbo Brainwave requires no sleights, no sticky stuff or rough & smooth. You can perform it with any one of the four Queens; Hearts, Spades Diamonds or Clubs which is especially useful when table-hopping. Supplied with the special Bicycle backed laminated small Jumbo-sized cards

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