Colour Me a Hat

Colour Me a Hat

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You display a Window Envelope with a picture of a Rabbit in a white Top Hat and a Chart with four different coloured hats.

Your spectator is invited to select a colour for the Top Hat from a Chart of different shades.

When the picture is again displayed the Top Hat is magically coloured in the selected shade complete with Rabbit and the selected Hat in the shades Chart has been magically replaced by a colourless one!

The coloured picture can be given out for examination.

A great fun routine for children's entertainers, you can have the children pretending to colour the hat in the chosen colour using invisible paint brushes & pretending to take the chosen colour from their clothing, creating loads of audience participation. Packs flat at the bottom of your workbag.

Comes with shades Chart (approx 9.25 x 4.75", 23.25 x 11.5cms), window Envelope (approx 8.8 x 5.25", 21.5 x 13.5cms & illustrated instructions.

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