Money Monte

Money Monte

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Now you can perform Al Koran’s famous ‘Note Under the Teacup’, without the teacups, instead using three ordinary empty matchboxes plus Eddie’s updated routine that adds much to the original trick.

Koran had a spectator turn three teacups mouth downwards on a table. He would then turn his back on the spectator and instruct someone to crumple up a pound note and hide it under any one of the three inverted teacups.

Next, he instructed the spectator to change the positions of the other cups; Koran would turn around & immediately identify the cup hiding the crumpled note! To prove it wasn’t a fluke Koran performed it again & again – a fantastic but easy-to-do effect.

Long intrigued by this trick, but wishing to get away from the teacups, Eddie started to perform the routine using empty matchboxes and as he progressed, also added and modified the original Koran concept adopting other ideas that were just not available to Koran.

Here we release not only the original Al Koran method (that you can still perform with borrowed teacups if you wish) but Eddie’s updated routine in which you can reveal the position of the banknote with unfailing accuracy & then go on to allow a genuine audience member (no stooges) to repeat your success to his surprise!

Comes with the routine and methods. Use your own empty matchboxes and banknote.

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