Lucky Joker

Lucky Joker

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You freely show a deck of playing cards to be well shuffled, but to make sure, any spectator can mix them again to their heart’s content and then he has a free choice of red or black cards, let’s say he chooses black, a second spectator then takes on the red cards.

You claim that the Joker is a lucky card and to prove your statement it is given to one of the two participants to bring them luck with the playing cards.

The well-shuffled pack is then dealt out faces down, two cards at a time by anyone and from anywhere in the deck, if they are both black cards the first spectator takes these, if they are two red cards they belong to the second spectator and if they are a red card and a black card they are discarded.

Both spectators count their cards and announce their total and it is obvious that the one with the lucky Joker is the winner as he has the most cards. As further proof the other participant is now given the Joker and the cards are again shuffled and the game played. The holder of the Joker is once more the outright winner, but this time let’s say she has won by two cards, the Joker is turned face down and the number of cards she has won by is boldly written on the back as a large number 2.

Finally, you take away the Joker completely and play the game again – this time there is no winner as both participants have exactly the same number of cards for your climax!

This is Eddie’s improved version of Stewart James’ famous card effect Miraskill (one of the world’s best tricks with a pack of cards) exactly as Eddie has performed it for many years requiring no skill & completely eliminating the palming as in James’ version.

The easy to do routine is fully explained in our eight-page A5 size booklet. Use your own deck of playing cards.

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