The Stars & Circles

The Stars & Circles

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You show a deck of ESP cards consisting of only Stars and Circles and propose an experiment as you explain that many people possess latent psychic powers without even realising.

With all the cards face down, a member of your audience is asked to guess which cards are stars and which are circles and their choices are placed into two separate piles one for the stars and the other for the circles.

Incredibly, when the two separate piles are turned faces upwards by the participant, they prove to be one pile of stars and one pile of circles! A truly impossible result unless your volunteer really has psychic abilities.

This routine has baffled many experienced mentalists and magicians as well as the lay-man. No skill is required save that of presentation.

Please note this is not the classic ‘Out of This World’ trick, being perhaps a little similar in effect but in many other ways this is completely different, including the methodology used.

The laminated star and circle cards are not gimmicked in any way and can be left for examination if you so wish. The method is 100% practical, certain and you will learn it in just a few minutes.

No sleights involved, no rough & smooth, no sneaky double lifts, just carry these laminated cards in your pocket or wallet and you are all ready to perform anywhere – anytime, it’s a mind reader’s dream.

Comes with all the necessary cards & instructions.

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