A Startling ESP Experience with JUMBO size cards

A Startling ESP Experience with JUMBO size cards

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You pass out five large laminated ESP cards consisting of a Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Star and Square to any spectator and while your back is turned to the proceedings he shuffles them to his heart’s content, thinks of any one of them then mixes his simply thought-of symbol in with the others. There is no force of the sign.

With your back still turned you instruct your participant over your shoulder to mix the five cards even more thoroughly and then you ask him to drop various cards one at a time according to your directions until he is left holding just one face down card.

Now you ask him for the first time to name his thought-of symbol, let’s say he chose the Star. The volunteer does so, and still with your back turned you request him to show the audience the final sign left in his hands – it is the very one he has just named out loud!

This clever method is 100% certain. The symbol is different every time you perform it. Until the spectator names the sign you have no idea which one he is thinking of and yet you are always correct - I guarantee it!

No stooges, no peeking. Everything may be left for examination. Professional mentalism at its best.

Comes complete with instructions & five unfaked ESP cards in JUMBO size.

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