When we can all smile again - Close up & Zoom

When we can all smile again - Close up & Zoom

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Enjoy performing something really topical; be the first to show it in your area. It's also great for Zoom performances!

You Comment to your audience how unhappy everyone looks wearing their masks, and hiding our smiling faces, also reminding them how happy we will all be when everyone the world over are free to enjoy our lives again. Attending concerts, watching magicians, enjoying weddings and such like events.

Now you show some emoji pictures all wearing masks over the lower parts of their faces with just their eyes showing, saying you wished your magic could vanish those masks – but pointing out it would take a very strong magic wand to do it; Thankfully, such a wand does exist and you show a picture of a syringe that you intend to wave over the masked pictures

You wave the magic Syringe picture over the pictures one at a time and they all indeed now have lovely smiles on their faces, their masks have disappeared completely. The cards can be left for examination.

The world is now once again safe and we can all go about lives in peace, thanks to those wonderful scientists that invented those magic wands and the National Health Service that used them to cast their spells. The trick is easy to do and you will learn it in 20 minutes or so

No sleight of hand, No rough & smooth, masks don’t slide off,so No palming.

Comes complete with the laminated picture cards (approx 3.25 x 2.5”, 8 x 6.5cms) & instructions.

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