Magic - V - Miracle

Magic - V - Miracle

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A miracle card trick with three different applause-pulling climaxes!

Explaining that you are often asked, “What is the difference between magic and a miracle?” you propose to answer this with a deck of playing cards.

The pack is shuffled and then cut into halves, a spectator takes one half, and you take the other half. Each of you select a card from your half-deck and turn this face upwards one card in each half-pack. Both halves of the deck are spread faces down on the table, so that the two face up cards can both be seen – incredibly they both match each other in value and colour. Perhaps one is the Queen of Hearts and the other the Queen of Diamonds.

You explain this is a magic trick. The two removed cards are left faces upwards on the table.

“Now let’s try for a miracle!” you say. The deck is reassembled, and you start to deal card faces down on the table, your spectator calls stop at any time and inserts one of the Queens face up into the pack at that point. You continue dealing and again they call stop, and they insert the other red Queen face up into the deck at this new point.

Again, the cards are spread across the table so the two face up Queen cards can be seen, they are removed together with the cards directly next to them both of which are faces down. When the all the four cards are turned faces up, they prove to be four of a kind in this example the Queens of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs as you exclaim, “That’s what I call a MIRACLE!”

The rest of the pack is now spread face upwards across the table and it is seen to everyone astonishment that each and every one of them has a blank face as you exclaim, “Even I don’t know what on earth to call that!”

No sleights are used so it is very easy to do.

Comes complete with all the quality Bicycle poker-sized playing cards & instructions.

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