Impromptu Card Prediction

Impromptu Card Prediction

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This wonderful card effect could almost be classed as Forgotten Magic the secret has been around for a very long time but no one seems to know of it!

Yet it is one of the strongest impromptu card predictions I have ever come across in over fifty years of performing magic. The secret is so good and well hidden that you will even fool yourself when you first perform it!

You borrow a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil and write a prediction that you fold and leave in full view. A borrowed pack of playing cards is then shuffled and cut by a spectator.

The spectator takes the top half of the pack and quickly counts how many red cards are in this top half – let’s say he finds nine (it is always different and entirely controlled by chance).

Taking the bottom half of the pack the spectator counts down to the ninth black card in this half, let’s say it proves to be the Three of Clubs.

The paper, which has been in full view throughout, is opened by anyone and you have correctly predicted that very card the Three of Clubs!

This is one effect you can repeat several times with the same pack if you wish and they still won’t have a clue to how you do it. It’s a different card at a different number every time. There is no sleight of hand involved. No switch of the prediction.

Use any pack of playing cards as there is no advance preparation involved, it truly is completely impromptu and easy-to-do.

We supply the enthralling secret in our Mr. E booklet so you can perform Impromptu Card Prediction straight away!

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