Tele-Pack 2001

Tele-Pack 2001

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New! Different! Exciting! A superb mental effect. The ideal opening item for mentalists, magicians & hypnotists!

“I have upgraded this astounding trick to the opening effect of my Number One Show. I doubt you will find a better opening effect anywhere”. Eddie Burke

You freely spread a bridge pack of playing cards so the faces can be seen to be different. The pack is freely shuffled with the faces towards the audience.

A couple of elastic bands are now snapped around the pack, which is then tossed out to a member of the audience. This person merely peeks at a card and remembers it.

The spectator tosses the pack to a second participant, who also peeks at a card. He in turn tosses the pack to a third person that also secretly peeks at a card. The pack is then tossed back onto the stage where it lies untouched by you, the performer.

You now appear to read the participants' minds and name three cards. But you appear to have made an error. Only two spectators acknowledge that you are correct.

Apologising, you draw attention to a large envelope that has been in view since the start of your act, explaining that you had the feeling before the show that you may miss out on the mind-reading, so you have also tried a prediction.

You take a large jumbo-sized playing card from the envelope back outwards. The spectator is requested to name his card. You turn the jumbo card around – IT’S THE VERY CARD JUST NAMED!

Each special pack of cards takes over an hour to make so this effect will be limited in its supply!

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