Al Koran's Direct Mind Control

Al Koran's Direct Mind Control

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This is sensational and powerful stuff that helped to make Al Koran’s reputation, which he regularly featured in his television and other performances worldwide.

It is just as strong today – perhaps even stronger with the renewed interest in mentalism, largely due to the phenomenal success of both Graham Jolley and Derren Brown on British television.

Briefly the effect is that a gentleman from the audience mentally chooses a single word out of a dictionary of over one thousand pages and holding over twenty thousand words.

A lady thinks of any number between one and a hundred which she writes down on a piece of paper which she herself folds and holds tightly clenched inside her fist, the paper never leaves her possession for a moment.

Finally a second gentleman mentally chooses a single playing card from a pack that he handles himself.

Taking a large pad and writing down your impressions, to the complete astonishment of the entire audience, you instantly reveal the card, number and the freely chosen word!

This fascinating booklet explains how you can also easily gimmick your own pack of cards and an ordinary dictionary to present this fabulous routine in your own show.

Apart from the ingenious preparation of the simple apparatus used, we also give you many excellent tips on the presentation together with the complete patter – which in themselves will prove absolutely priceless to any mystery performer.

We also explain how ANY WORD in the book can be selected – not just one of the four top words as in the original Al Koran routine.

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