Giant Size Show Stopper

Giant Size Show Stopper

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This really is the ULTIMATE in startling visual card magic.

Several giant-sized playing cards cut into halves are dealt face down into two piles of cards and both you and a participant each select one pile, both stand facing the audience and you both shuffle your cards.

You now both secretly select a half-card and exchange it with each other; and then you each insert your new half-card face up into your face down packet.

When the two packs of cards are checked, and the two chosen half-cards are shown to the audience, they are seen to exactly match each other making a full giant picture card. But were all the half-cards the same?

When the other half-cards are turned faces upwards your audience are in for a stunning show stopping surprise as they are all red-faced cards while the halves of the selected card are black and furthermore form the only picture card in the stack, all the others being pip cards!

Only half-sized giant playing cards are used in this enthralling effect. No sleight of hand is required. Two different presentations are also included.

Comes complete with ten quality giant A4 sized playing cards cut into twenty half A5 sized cards & instructions.

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