Farmyard Fun - Table-Hopping Pro Size

Farmyard Fun - Table-Hopping Pro Size

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You show two laminated picture cards, one of a young farm boy and the other of a cute farm girl.

During this fun routine these two youngsters play a game of hide & seek with the audience and continue to magically change places to the bewilderment of everyone so that your audience can never guess where they are.

Just when your audience think they are getting the hang of it, both characters disappear and the pictures show the reason for the vanishment as the farm boy must feed the pigs and the farm girl must milk the cow!

This is the perfect novelty effect for your children’s shows and even performances for elderly citizens in retirement homes. Packs flat in the bottom of your briefcase ready to perform anywhere – anytime. Very easy to do.

At this low price Farmyard Fun should appeal to every comedy or children’s entertainer and really is a must-have novelty for your show.

Comes complete with table-hopping pro size laminated picture cards & instructions.

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