Magician, Hat & Rabbit - Table-hopping pro size

Magician, Hat & Rabbit - Table-hopping pro size

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Originally produced and sold by Magictrix as ‘Magician, Top Hat & Rabbit’ this has long been off the magical market. Now we have reproduced this amazing close-up effect in laminated cards.

Only three cards are used, they are openly counted from hand to hand, and they are each shown as a colourful picture of a magician. Asking what a magician wears on his head most people will say a top hat but what is this? All three cards each now have a picture of a top hat.

“And what does a magician magically produce from his top hat?” Well everyone can answer this, a rabbit! Wonder of wonders each card now has a picture of a rabbit.

Finally, as your climax, you now show the three different pictures have again magically changed, one has the picture of a Magician, the second a picture of a Top Hat and the third a picture of a Rabbit!

Magician, Hat & Rabbit is the ideal effect to carry in your pocket as it is always ready to perform – only three cards are used, and these can be passed for examination at the finish.

Looks for all the world like clever skilful handling of the cards – but no sleight of hand or lengthy practice is required – you will be performing this superb effect ten minutes after opening the packet.

Comes complete with jumbo laminated cards (approx 4 x 2.5") & instructions.

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