Spy Story - Giant A4 cards

Spy Story - Giant A4 cards

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Two red face playing cards capture a black face card and accuse him of spying. The black card is sandwiched between the two red cards, and they march him off to jail.

The following morning in front of the judge the black card in the middle magically changes into a red card, then explains to the judge that he is really a red spy posing as a black card.

Security staff check all three cards front and back and sure enough you now hold three red-faced cards and there is no sign of the black card!

Red or black? Was he a secret infiltrator? No one will ever know the truth thanks to your awesome magic.

Very easy to do, colours of the card faces may vary. No complicated reset is required; it is ready to go in seconds if you are table-hopping.

Comes with table-hopping A6 size or giant A4 sized playing cards & instructions.

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