Devil's Hand Cards Table-Hopping Size cards

Devil's Hand Cards Table-Hopping Size cards

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You patter about the gladiators who fought to the death in the Colosseum in Ancient Rome, where the Roman Emperor decided their fate. This was a difficult decision to make, you add, and so a local artist designed and made some special cards to help the emperor’s decision.

You show eight cards with a colourful Oriental back design & the word ‘Fate’ on them. These you claim have become known as the Devil’s Hand Cards.

The cards are dealt into two face down piles of four, both of which are then mixed thoroughly, after which both you and a spectator each take a small packet of cards. You then both eliminate them until you each hold a single card. When these two card faces are shown they prove to be an exact match for each other, with a green thumbs up sign and the word ‘Live’ on them.

But what of the discarded cards? anyone can turn these over to discover ALL of them have a picture of a thumbs down, together with the word ‘Kill’!

Only eight cards are used, the cards can be left for examination. Only two cards have ‘Live’ on them, the other six are ‘Kill’ pictures. The participant eliminates his cards in his own hands.

This unusual effect can immediately be repeated using a different method that we also explain. Ideal for table-hopping and close-up performances, the trick is almost self-working and requires no sleights or special skills.

Comes with table-hopping sized Live and Kill laminated cards & instructions.

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