Symbol Sensation

Symbol Sensation

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You display five laminated plaques each bearing various coloured symbols and pictures.

Five spectators are asked to mentally select and remember any symbol or picture of their choice (no force) and yet you correctly reveal all five selected symbols & pictures in an entertaining variety of ways.

Symbol sensation is very easy to do and yet extremely baffling.

Based on a classic method of mentalism which allows you have five spectators each simply thinking of a symbol or picture and then reading their minds and revealing each thought of symbol or picture in turn.

The plaques are easily carried in your pocket and are always ready to perform. Symbol Sensation is perfect for walkabout, table-hopping, parlour, TV, and cabaret.

With Eddie’s exclusive presentation that turns an easy to do effect into a show-stopping mind-blowing mental miracle that is surprisingly easy to do, you will perform it often.

Comes complete with laminated plaques (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14.25 x 10cms) & instructions.

Only £14.99

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