Ultimate Comedy Prediction Jumbo Size A5

Ultimate Comedy Prediction Jumbo Size A5

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This is the perfect routine to open your show with laughter. It’s all good fun and a great way to start a magic show or a mentalism act.

You show a large envelope and leave it in full view. Then you have someone select a playing card, you explain that inside the envelope you have a single word printed on a plaque; you ask the gentleman if he has any idea what the word is? He is bound to say no, you look a little taken back as you ask if he is psychic, he again answers no. “In that case” you say, ‘how on earth did you know the hidden word was NO!” so saying you take the plaque from the envelope to show it contains just the single word ‘NO’

Still addressing your psychic spectator, you continue, “On the back of this plaque is a picture of a famous person, Mr Psychic, please name that person. Let’s say he says, “Richard Burton.” “Correct!” you shout, turning the plaque around to show a picture of a cute baby, “Here is Richard Burton when he was six months old!

You then open the plaque to display a cute, coloured baby as you say, “The other night a gentleman said Barack Obama, but we were ready for him and here is a picture of Obama at seven months old!” You could use Oprah Winfrey or someone currently in the news.

Getting back to the chosen card, you ask him to name his chosen card, saying, “Would you be amazed if your chosen card was on the back of this plaque, when you turn the plaque around it has pictures of all 52 cards in the deck and you can point to his card just named.

Just to round things off you can now produce a jumbo or giant card from the envelope and lead the audience in applause for the incredible psychic spectator!

Comes with the folding laminated plaque, jumbo A5 , envelope & instructions. Use your own deck of playing cards

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