That's Incredible - Table Hopping Size Pro cards

That's Incredible - Table Hopping Size Pro cards

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Which is exactly what your audience will be saying when you present this fantastic effect

using just twenty-six table-hopping sized playing cards. Displaying two sets of thirteen to a set, Ace to King, each of a different suit i.e., Clubs & Diamonds

Any spectator is asked to select any card from one pile face down, no force. This selected card is placed crosswise into its pile to mark its position.

Cards are now dealt from the top of both piles face up, two at a time. None of the pairs match.

When the selected card is reached both it and its mate from the other pile are isolated together.

None of the other 24 cards match; yet incredibly when the selected card and its mate are turned face upwards, they are an exact match for each other.

Then for a second climax, you magically cause all twenty-six cards in both piles to exactly match each other card-for-card throughout. There’s more to come:

In the following sequence you allow two spectators to separately deal both sets of cards faces down into two individual piles.

Each then turn cards from the top of their pile faces upwards and each card exactly matches in both piles, king for king, ace for ace!

No fake cards are used. Easy to do.

Comes complete with Plastic coated playing cards (approx 5.5 x 3.75, 14 x 9.5cms) & instructions.

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