Mice Mystery

Mice Mystery

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An entertaining close-up miracle without any sleight of hand.

Three picture cards with a red mouse on each and a further three cards with a blue mouse on each of them are shown.

You place one red mouse between two blue mice and one blue mouse between two red mice, then without any tricky business amazingly all three red mice are back together and all three blue mice are back together once again.

Repeat it? Yes with four mice, then repeat it again with just TWO mice - leaving your audiences totally baffled, bewitched, and bewildered!

Five good reasons to buy Mice Mystery:

•These cute, coloured mice will have great appeal with your audiences.
•The trick is easy to do and you will do it often.
•Requires no sleight of hand or tricky moves.
•Carry it in your pocket and it is always ready to perform.
•Suitable for all ages.

Comes complete with laminated picture cards (approx 3.75 x 2.75”, 9.5 x 7cms) and instructions.

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