Traffic Lights Vanish

Traffic Lights Vanish

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This is the perfect effect for children’s shows at schools, birthday parties and similar events. It teaches the virtues of obeying the traffic lights’ code.

Three large jumbo-sized picture cards are shown, front and back, with colours of the traffic lights red, green, and amber. One of the three colours is made to disappear after placing them into a large envelope or paper bag.

The children will scream and shout as they think the vanished card is still hidden inside the bag.

However, you show it only contains a single card, upon which is printed a lightening flash together with the word ‘GONE’. Everyone now thinks the other side is the vanished colour, but when you turn it around after much comedy by-play, the card shows a picture of a Lollipop Lady whose job it is to see the children safely across the busy roads.

Five great reasons to buy:
•Teachers and parents love the fun way you teach the children to be careful and aware on busy roads.
•No skill is required; no double lifts or sticky stuff is used.
•The three laminated coloured Traffic Lights cards colours are big & bold.
•Eddie’s NEW Lollipop Lady finish is a natural climax, getting away from the old fooled & fooled again sucker signs.
•Lies at the bottom of your bag always ready to perform.

Comes complete with jumbo laminated picture cards (approx 8 x 5.5”, 20 x 14cms), envelope, paper bag & instructions.

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