The Amazing Human Clock

The Amazing Human Clock

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You claim to be able to turn a spectator into a human clock by using twelve blank-faced cards to represent the numbers on a clock face; and you place a single small envelope in full view as your prediction.

This is NOT the old clock face prediction, good as it is, but which unfortunately takes up a lot of room to display the cards upon a table. This is something entirely different.

During the hilarious routine that follows, your ‘human clock’ eliminates blank cards, until she only has one blank card left which proves to be a perfect match for the blank card inside your prediction envelope.

“Has this magician gone mad?” your spectator could be forgiven for asking, “Where is the magic? all the cards are blank!”

It is at that point you prove that you are not as crazy as they may think, your prediction is indeed a first-class miracle, and you have led them all neatly up the garden path, the two cards are an exact match for each other while the rest of the cards prove to be very different indeed!

You have only one last thing to say, “You should see your faces now!” They all fall for the unexpected climax without feeling suckered.

Very easy to do with no sleights of any kind used. Can be performed anywhere, does not take up much room on diner’s/client’s tables. Resets in a moment – carry it easily in your pocket or wallet. Suitable for all age groups adults, children and pensioners.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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