Days of Ancient Egypt

Days of Ancient Egypt

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Here is a fascinating close-up & parlour mystery using small pictures of ancient Egyptians; Rameses II, Tutankhamen and the god Isis.

A spectator lays the three intriguing picture cards onto a small mat in any order he likes. While your back is turned the cards are switched about and the participant merely THINKS of any one of the ancient Egyptians. Then the cards are again changed about on the mat.

Remember, all this is done while you have your back turned or you can even be out of the room if you prefer. Immediately when you turn around you can correctly pick out the ancient Egyptian that the spectator is only thinking about.

Finally, as your climax, you can show that you have predicted in advance the very character that the participant has mentally chosen!

Stunning although this effect is, you immediately repeat it with uncanny accuracy again and again. Yes, this trick grows more baffling with each repeated performance. Truly astonishing magic & ideal for walkabout. A Mr E superior quality mental effect.

Comes complete with four laminated picture cards (approx 3.25 x 2.25”, 8 x 5.5cms), mat (approx 10 x 3.75”, 25.5 x 9.5cms, gift bag & instructions.

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