The Secret Wish

The Secret Wish

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A Royal Tarot Mystery. The widespread use of tarot cards for divination only took off in the late 1700s, when Frenchman Jean-Baptise Alliette published the first definitive guide to tarot card reading.

Adhering to the revelation of sacred scripture the Church over the centuries has judged fortune telling including tarot cards as sinful.

Queen Ann ordered that all tarot cards should be cut into halves for them to lose their wicked powers. However not to be outdone Italian gypsies used the half-cards to give readings and help people to overcome their problems.

So saying you show a bundle of Tarot cards that have been safely cut into halves, passing them out for examination and allowing your spectators to mix and shuffle them to their heart’s content as you explain that traditionally the cut tarot cards are used to help people reach their secret desire, goals and wishes.

You take two half-cards and give one to a lady and the other to a gentleman; these two half-cards are totally different to each other. The receivers are told to secretly think of their desired goals or wishes.

You now deal the half tarot cards faces down one at a time until first the lady tells you when to stop and marks the stopped at half-card by placing the half-card, she holds face upwards amongst the face down halves.

The gentlemen does likewise and with no false moves or sleights, you take out the face up halves together with the chosen face down halves next to them, and the balance of the half cards are spread across the table to show they are all different to each other (and they really are).

Explaining that their face down halves compared with their face up halves will give the answer to their secret wish, they turn the face down halves face upwards and each exactly matches the half-card they received at the start; proof indeed that their secret wishes will come true!

No fake cards are used, and no pre-set is required, the cards can be audience shuffled and cut to their heart’s content as many times as they wish. The effect can immediately be repeated with no new set-up and is ideal for table-hopping and close-up. The chosen half-cards are different each time you perform this brain buster. A marvellous prediction that cannot be faulted and is always ready to perform straight out of the packet.

Comes complete with quality Tarot half-cards & instructions.

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