Mentalists Write & Wipe Board with Pen

Mentalists Write & Wipe Board with Pen

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Draw and write your predictions and psychic revelations on this handy dry wipe Board using the dry wipe Pen provided. Easy to clean and re-use.

If you have a copy of Ken de Courcy’s excellent book ‘Pentertain’ (you may find a second-hand volume) the complete act de Courcy outlines can be performed just with this board. Or develop an act of your own from books and magazines on numbers & ESP cards etc.

Note the board does NOT have a frame around it so is very lightweight. Replacement pens are available at most stationers or directly from us.

We start you off by explaining a stunning effect with the board in which three spectators’ freely chosen numbers are openly totalled together in full view of your audience giving a higher number, then the board is turned around to show that you have amazingly predicted that very number on the back of the board!

This makes a wonderful opening effect for your act as nobody has to leave their seats and everyone can participate. You will soon be developing your own effects to be used with this super board.

Comes with dry wipe Board (approx 30 x 21cm, A4), dry wipe Pen & two effects to start you off.

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