Six-Card Mind Control - table-hopping pro size cards

Six-Card Mind Control - table-hopping pro size cards

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The perfect mind control illusion, Six-Card Mind Control is the ideal mystery for table-hopping & stand-up.

Talking about mind control you show a large envelope and explain that inside is your prediction of a playing card yet to be selected.

From your own regular, jumbo or even borrowed deck, you remove six playing cards and lay them in a face down row upon a table or alternatively as a fan in your hand.

A spectator chooses one of the six cards and it is turned face upwards in the row still in the position it occupies.

From the envelope which has been in full view since you started you remove six jumbo cards, the envelope is otherwise empty & can be examined if you wish.

Your fan of six cards is matched against the cards on the table and one of yours is also seen to be turned face upwards.

The face up card is a perfect match both in suit and value of the selected card- and note this, it is in exactly the same position in the fan as the one chosen by the spectator! But there is more to come.

When your single prediction card is turned face down it has a different coloured back to the rest of the cards! Mind control is the only solution!

No rough & smooth or sticky stuff used. Use your own regular or jumbo playing cards. Easy to do.

Comes with an unfaked envelope, table-hopping pro sized (A6) laminated playing cards & instructions.

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