They call it MURDER

They call it MURDER

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We call it an entertaining murder mystery featuring two exceptional climaxes that you will be performing regularly in your performances.

You show ten genuine mugshots of young men and women, one of which you claim is a serial killer. Any spectator remembers the face and name of their preferred suspect (no force) and the mugshot cards are cut and mixed face down. Still with the mugshots face down in their own hands your volunteer starts to eliminate the pictures one by one until they only have one picture left in their hands. At this point they name their suspect, turn the mugshot over and incredibly it is the very picture and name they have remembered!

Unfortunately, amazing through this is, it is NOT the murderer but a red herring. You now place your Evidence Envelope containing a picture in full view.

You pass your hands mysteriously over your helper to give them the power of divination. All the mugshots are mixed again and placed face down over the table and your volunteer concentrates and slowly eliminates all the innocent suspects one by one, until only two face-down mugshots are left. Your participant chooses one of these and the other is discarded as innocent. The tension of your audience is now electrifying.

The picture inside your Evidence Envelope is revealed and for the first time the final mugshot held face down in the hand of your volunteer is slowly revealed : the two pictures are an exact match for each other – the coldblooded murderer is exposed, justice can now be done and everyone can give a hearty sigh of relief!

The murderer picture can be changed for repeat performances.

Comes with twelve mugshots & instructions.
Supplied: Twelve picture cards of genuine mugshots and two envelopes.

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