Odd Mouse Out

Odd Mouse Out

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Beautiful in its simplicity, you place six colourful mouse picture cards in a row upon a table and leave your prediction envelope in full view.

A member of your audience is asked to freely select ANY number between one and six including one and six.

If you wish you can have a bit of fun asking him to role an invisible die and then name the number so rolled. The card at this freely chosen position is noted.

When your prediction is now checked it is proves to be correct and a perfect match for the chosen mouse!

Please note the following points: The spectator has a perfectly free choice of the number. No switching of the chosen card or the prediction. No double lifts or sleight of hand are used. Easy to do.

Comes complete with six colourful mouse cards (approx 3.3 x 2.75”, 9 x 7cms), prediction card, envelope & instructions.

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