Flag Prediction

Flag Prediction

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Are YOU ready for the big day? We are of course talking about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. In May, more than 500 horses and 1,000 performers are expected to take part in a show in the grounds of Windsor Castle taking the audience through history from Elizabeth I to the present day.

The bank holiday weekend in June will begin with the Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour) & lighting of beacons.

People across the country will also sit down together for the Big Jubilee Lunch on Sunday, while Sandringham and Balmoral will also be open for residents and visitors across the long weekend. And that’s where your magic will fit in nicely.

I predict that children’s entertainers and close-up magicians will be in great demand for events in your area. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday will take place around the UK on Friday 3 June 2022 and last for four days.
Which is why we have reintroduced an item that was popular When the Queen was Crowned and will be popular for years to come & we are offering it at a special low price.

You show picture cards of colourful national flags of various countries, and these are freely mixed & eliminated by an audience member until only one is chosen and amazingly it is the perfect match for the one in your prediction envelope, that has been left in full view all along!

A guaranteed applause-winning climax. Your prediction could be a real small flag available to purchase online for most countries.
Please note the reasons we offer this with pride:
Very easy to do. Laminated cards will not wear out. Cards can be left for examination. Envelope is not faked. Only one single sided prediction card used. You can substitute a small real flag for the prediction. The prediction results will always vary & the effect is always under your control.

Comes complete with nineteen international flag laminated picture cards (approx 4 x 3”, 10 x 7.5cms) prediction envelope & instructions.

Special bonus price just £7.99 Post free in the UK; but you need to act now as this offer will close on the 5 June, after which the price will increase and the Post-Free offer will close.

Only £7.99

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